Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tucker Chapters 1 &13

I have always struggled with math and I had a hard time in school in most of my math classes. I can handled the basic stuff, but beyond that, it's hit or miss. I remember feeling so frustrated, so I think it is really important to be able to create an environment where math can be taught, practiced and absorbed in a variety of different ways. It doesn't have to be all cut and dry. If we can give students a positive impression of math by creating different activities, hands on and individualized instruction, then maybe kids will warm up to and put more effort into it and develop an interest so that it doesn't seem like such an impossible task as the years go on and the material gets even harder.


  1. Math was always my strength in school except for one year. I had a teacher who didn't exactly "teach" and when he did, it was very dry. All of our tests were pop quizzes. I remember how much anxiety and stress this class created for me. I absolutely hated the class and dreaded going to it every day. So yes, we need to give the students a positive impression by creating different activities that are hands on and individualized. When a student really struggles in a specific subject and it creates anxiety in the student, it can easily ruin the entire school/education experience.

  2. I also remember a teacher I had in fifth grade, he was one of the most condescending people I have ever met. Math was not my strong skill and he made it well known to the class, it was very embarrassing. I have learned that any encouragement you can give a child, that is positive, can make a world of difference in their learning. Just take the time and let them learn it at their own pace, it may just work better for them. If the whole class is working on one thing and there is a student struggling, cut the work in half and give them the most important piece of information to work on. It may boost their confidence too if the teacher gives them a bit of one on one attention.